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July 13 2009

































 UNM Today

Physics Today's Search & Discovery Article  (PDF)

UNM reports a major milestone in Optical Refrigeration: T<160K !

   Presented at IQEC'09  (postdeadline),  Published:  Nature Photonics - January 2010

UNM researchers, in collaboration with their coworkers at the University of Pisa (Italy) and LANL have now achieved the first ever all-solid-state cryogenic operation using laser cooling of a Yb-doped crystal down to 155 K ! (April 28 2009).  Graduate students Denis Seletskiy and Seth Melgaard (Sheik-Bahae's Group ) achieved this by exploiting sharp resonance in the Stark manifold of Yb:YLF, thermal load management and a resonant cavity enhanced approach. Another new redord that was achieved in this experiemnt was a cooling power  of 120 mW, nearly twice the earlier record obtained in Tm:ZBLAN (also by UNM). The Yb:YLF cystals were grown by Mauro Tonelli's group (Dr. Stefanao Bigotta) at EST-CNR, Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita di Pisa, Italy.



Earlier record cooling down to 195K was reported in a paper at the SPIE's Photonics West conference in San Jose, CA on Jan. 29.  Paper 7228-14 (Seletskiy, et al.).



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