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 me, according to Anahita!

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 Check out this BBC-TV report on Isfahan (forward to 8 min into the video and watch an interview my brother Mahmoud and a bit of family history)

Anahita - 2006

Sherry, Anahita and Mansoor -Chrismas 2007

Sharareh (Sherry), 2006

With dad (winter 1986- Buffalo NY)

Dad passed away in 1997

 ..(his wonderful and loving memories will live with me forever)

With brothers in 1971 or 1972  (from left: Rahim, Mehdi, Mahmood, Mansoor)

With mom in San Francisco (Jan. 2000)

Anahita (in her traditional Persian dress), for an International Day at her school in Albuqueruqe 2006


My sister (Zohreh) and her husband (Mahmood): Summer 2004, Sweden

Dr. Mahmood Moyedizadeh passed away in 2007 from cancer. He will be missed greatly.


1960 or sometime around then!

The Big Reunion (Summer 2008, Isfahan)