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Spring  2009

 Note:  No class on Thu, Jan. 29

Instructor:  Prof. Mansoor Sheik-Bahae 

Office:  Physics & Astronomy Rm. 1109 (North Wing)   

Phone: 277-2080    



To see me in my office, please make an appointment (call or email).

Class meeting times: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 11:00- 12:15;   Physics and Astronomy, Room 5

Textbook: Optics by Hecht (4th Edition). The course will cover Chapters 1-13.

          Teaching Assistant: Zhou Yang

Pre-requisites: Calculus, Knowledge of Differential Equations, Complex Algebra, (Phys 152, 160 and 161).

Assignments: Homework problem sets will be assigned on a regular basis throughout the semester, most likely one set per week. The overall HW grade will count as 20% of the final.  Click here to go to the assignments page.

Tests:   There will be two in-class, closed-book tests (each counting 20% of final grade) at regular intervals during the semester and a comprehensive final exam (40% of final grade) at the end.

Tentative Test Dates (subject to change):  Thursday February  26th and Thursday April 9th.

See deadlines for grade options.   Final exam is currently scheduled for Tuesday May 12th, 12:30–2:30 p.m.

Grading:   The final grade is weighted as follows:
Midterms: 20% each (40% total)
Final: 40%
Homework: 20%

Midterm Exam I

Thursday Feb. 26










    1-  Introduction
    2-  Waves (properties of harmonic waves, complex representation, superposition,..)
    3-  Electromagnetic Theory of Light (basic laws, energy and momentum, photons, radiation spectrum, light-matter interaction, dispersion, ..)
    4-  Propagation of Light (Fermat’s principle, Fresnel laws of reflection and refraction, Maxwell’s equations, ..)
    5-  Geometric Optics (spherical surfaces, thin lenses, mirrors, imaging, prisms, fiberoptics, ray tracing, aberrations..)
    6-  Optical Systems (human eye, camera, telescopes, microscopes,..)
    7-  Wave Optics (superposition, wave packets, pulses, group velocity ..)
    8-  Polarization of Light (polarizers, birefringence, waveplates, ..)
    9-   Interference (principles, interferometers, single and multilayer films,..)
    10- Diffraction (Fraunhofer diffraction, Fresnel diffraction, implications for imaging systems..)
    11- Modern Optics (lasers, holography, ..)