NOTE: This course if offered as PHYC 569,  Advanced Toptics in Modern Optics 

Instructor:  Prof. Mansoor Sheik-Bahae                             

Office:  Physics & Astronomy Rm. 1109 (North Wing)   

Phone: 277-2080, Fax:  277-1520

To see me in my office, please make an appointment (call or email).

Class meeting times: Tu, Th, 5:30-6:45 Physics and Astronomy, Room 184

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Reference Textbooks: 

                                    Laser Electronics  by  J.T. Verdeyen,

                                    Optical Electronics in Modern Communications by Amnon Yariv

                                    Physics of Optoelectronic Devices by S. L. Chuang

                                    Lasers by Milonni and Eberly

                                    Photonics by Saleh and Teich

                                    Theory of Optical Properties in Semiconductors   by P. K. Basu

Pre-requisites:  Advanced Optics, Laser Physics I,  (Check UNM Catalog for more details). Basic knowledge of  Qauantum Mechanics is also required.

Teaching Assistant:  Chi Feng Wang


Assignments: Homework problem sets will be assigned on a regular basis throughout the semester..

Tests:   There will be one midterm exam and a final presentation.


Tentative Midterm Test Date:

Check the UNM's Office of Registrar for possible changes in the Final exam schedule.


Last day to drop the courses without a grade is :

For other deadlines see:   


Grading (subject to change):   The final grade is weighted as follows:
Midterms: 40%
Final Presentation and Term Paper: 40%
Homework: 20%




    Some of the topics coverd in this course may vary depending on the overal students' intersts and requests.  

  • Review of laser principles (1-2 lectures)
  • Semiconductor Lasers (11 lectures)

            -Review of band-theory

            -k.p theory and effective mass approximation

            -Derivation of optical transitions and gain in semiconductors

            -Optical propagation in dielectric waveguides

            -Heterojunction lasers

            -Quantum-confined structures, multiple quantum well (MQW) lasers

            -Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL)

            -Optically Pumped Semicondcutors Lasers

            -Quantum-cascade lasers


  • Optical Detectors and Detection Techniques  (3 lectures)
  • Statistical Optics (2 lectures)
  • Topics in Ultrafast Phenomena (Femtosecond Metrology, Extreme Nonlinear Optics & Atto-Science) (5-6 lectures)
  • Terahertz radiation (T-rays) and applications (2-3 lectures)


Other topics may include:

  • NanoOptics, Plasmonics
  • Unstable resonators and applications
  • Maxwell-Bloch equations, coherent transient effects