April 2016: Most of our ALMA Cycle 3 data has been reduced, showing a very high detection rate above 65% for the SiO v=1 line alone. l-V diagram comparing to CO, green dots are VLA detections, red are ALMA SiO detections and blue ALMA CS detections.

April 2016: ALMA Cycle 4 proposal submitted.

Spring 2016: VLBA candidate calibrator observations taken

Fall 2015: VERA observations of pilot study begins

August 2015: An NSF award has been made for BAaDE (2015-2018).

August 2015: ALMA time for up to 1200 targets have been approved for priority B.

August 2015: Proposals submitted to VLA and VLBA.

August 2015: Calibrator search 15A-426 completed.

August 2015: Interesting subplots of the data hints at a possibility of a second, higher velocity population. Part of this may be bias due to the observed regions though.

July 2015: Updated l-v diagram, compared to CO and also compared to the model by Habing (2006) based on OH maser data.

May 2015: A VERA proposal for four targets was submitted.

April 2015: An ALMA Cycle 3 proposal was submitted.

April 2015: 5 out of 6 ALMA data sets have been acquired, showing a SiO detection rate of around 70%. We have detections in several SiO transitions.

January 2015: A first preliminary l-v diagram for BAaDE sources between 10