UNM Center for Astrophysics Research and Technologies Seminar 2018-19

Talks are 2pm on Thursdays unless otherwise *noted.  Lunch with the
speaker at a nearby restaurant will precede the talk.  The venue for 
the talks is room 190 in PandA (building 207 on
the central campus map), located at 800 Yale Blvd (see directions below).  

Fall 2018

Aug 30  James Kent (Cambridge) "Introducing Fast Direct Imaging in Radio Astronomy: EPIC"
Sep 6   Michael Stroh (UNM) "ALMA BAaDE survey data analysis: detection rates and possible biases"
Sep 13  Megan Lewis (UNM) "BAaDE's perspective on populations of evolved stars in the Galaxy"
Sep 20  Ken Obenberger (AFRL) "Using the LWA Radio Telescope to Observe the Ionosphere"
Oct 4   Karishma Bansal (UNM) "A Study of Scattering in Pulsars below 100 MHz"
Oct 11  Fall Break, no talk scheduled
Oct 18  no talk scheduled
Oct 25  Kristine Spekkens (RMC/Queen's College) "Atomic Gas as a Cosmological Probe in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies"
Nov 1   Brian Svobodo (NRAO) "Making Stars"
Nov 8   Tim Braun (UNM) "Using Radio Continuum Observations to Study Why Gaseous Halos Lag"
Nov 15  Joe Malins (UNM) "Studying the Ionosphere using Lightning as a Signal of Opportunity"
Nov 22  Thanksgiving, no talk scheduled
Nov 29  Peter Barnes (UFL) "New Demographic Insights into Massive Star and Cluster Formation"

Spring 2019

Jan 17  Greg Taylor, et al.  "News from URSI and AAS"
Feb 21  Mark Morris (UCLA) "TBD"
Mar 7   Diana Dragomir (UNM) "First Results and the Bright Future of the TESS Mission"
Mar 14  Spring Break
Mar 21  Samantha Wallace (UNM) "Mapping the Solar Wind from Source to Spacecraft"
Mar 28  Leonid Petrov (NASA) "Application of radioastronomy for space geodesy"
Apr 4   Seth Bruzewski (UNM) "Using Radio Observations to Explore the Unknown Gamma-Ray Sky"
Apr 11  Anthea Coster (MIT) "Ionospheric Variability due to Solar Influences: Solar Storms, Eclipses, Flares, and the 11-year Solar Cycle"
Apr 18  Savin Varghese (UNM) "Monitoring the Long Wavelength Radio Transient Sky using two LWA Stations"
Apr 25  Anna Kapinska (NRAO) "The neighbourhoods and lifecycles of radio galaxies"
May 2   Chris DiLullo (UNM) "TBD"

Directions and Parking: if coming from I25 (either direction), exit at
Lomas and go East (toward the mountains) past University, the next
light is Yale.  Turn left (North) on Yale and then bear right through our
lovely new traffic circle to end up heading East again, but take the
first right into the parking lot.  Park at any non-metered space and
then go into the front office and get a parking pass (just mention
that you are visiting Greg Taylor for the day) - go back outside and
display the permit from your rearview mirror.  If you can't find 
parking in our little lot, you can always find parking places 
on the other side of Yale.  To get there go back to the traffic 
circle, take the west exit and then your first left into the parking lot.

See also the PandA Events Calendar Center for Astrophysics Research and 
Technologies Seminar Series.  And for NRAO Friday colloquia see the
 NRAO Socorro schedule
Talks listed here with titles still TBD may not yet appear in the
PandA calendar.

Snack Schedule:

Jan 17  Greg Taylor
Feb 7   Jayce Dowell
Feb 14  Seth Bruzewski
Feb 21  Chris DiLullo
Feb 28  Pratik Kumar
Mar 7   Brandon Medina
Mar 14  Spring Break
Mar 21  Kayla Mitchell
Mar 28  Karishma Bansal
Apr 4   Joe Malins
Apr 11  Savin Varghese
Apr 18  Tim Braun
Apr 25  Megan Lewis
May 2   Michael Stroh

Instructions: (1) Buy snacks in cash.  (2) Give receipts totaling less than
$20 to Greg, and get cash back. (3) Bring snacks to talk.