UNM Center for Astrophysics Research and Technologies Seminar 2016-17

Talks are 2pm on Thursdays unless otherwise *noted.  Lunch with the
speaker at a nearby restaurant will precede the talk.  The venue for 
the talks is room 190 in PandA (building 207 on
the central campus map), located at 800 Yale Blvd (see directions below).  

Fall 2016

Aug 25  Veronica Dike (UNM) "Cross-Correlating Radiation Belt Electron Flux and Substorm Activity"
Sep 1   Yue Zhang (UNM) "An Experimental Investigation of Plasma Dynamics in Jets"
Sep 22  Duncan Farrah (VT) "Insights into galaxy assembly from star formation in luminous quasars at z>1"
Sep 29  Rachel A. Hock-Mysliwiec (AFRL) "Solar Flares in the Extreme Ultraviolet"
Oct 6   Karishma Bansal (UNM) "The Sedate Supermassive Binary Black Hole
System 0402+379"
Oct 13  Fall Break, no talk scheduled
Oct 20  Tuomas Savolainen (Aalto University) "Zooming in where the jets are born - RadioAstron space-VLBI observations of nearby radio galaxies"
Oct 27  Haocheng Zhang (LANL) "Kinetic- vs Magnetic-driven Blazar Jet Models"
Nov 3   Mark McKinnon (NRAO) "The Next Generation Very Large Array"
Nov 10  Amy Kimball (NRAO) "Radio emission from radio-"quiet" QSOs: star formation or AGN?"
Nov 17  Dale Frail (NRAO) "Early Science with the GMRT 150 MHz Survey"
Nov 24  Thanksgiving, no talk scheduled
Dec 1   Monica Sanchez (UNM) "Predictions of the statistical robustness of the measurements of the Neutral Hydrogen Mass Function and cosmic HI density"
Dec 8  Low Frequency Science Meeting in Pasadena

---- Spring 2017

Jan 19  News from conferences (SLF and AAS)
Jan 26  round table discussion with Keith Vanderlinde on CHIME
Feb 2   Luke Hovey (LANL) "Revelations From The Balmer-dominated Supernova Remnants in the LMC"
Feb 23  No talk scheduled
Mar 9   Minnie Mao (JIVE) "Here be Spiral DRAGNs"
Mar 16  Spring break
Mar 23  Mark Gorski (UNM) "Ammonia Thermometry, Water and Methanol Masers in Star Forming Galaxies"
Mar 30  No talk scheduled
Apr 13  Joe Malins (UNM) "Using Pulsars to Measure Density Profiles in the Upper Ionosphere"
Apr 20  Kevin Meaney (UNM) "High Energy Density Plasma: Experimental Astrophysics and Supernova Mixing"
Apr 27  Pace VanDevender (SNL) "Detection of magnetized quark-nugget candidate for dark matter"
May 4   Michael Stroh (UNM) "TBD"

Directions and Parking: if coming from I25 (either direction), exit at
Lomas and go East (toward the mountains) past University, the next
light is Yale.  Turn left (North) on Yale and then bear right through our
lovely new traffic circle to end up heading East again, but take the
first right into the parking lot.  Park at any non-metered space and
then go into the front office and get a parking pass (just mention
that you are visiting Greg Taylor for the day) - go back outside and
display the permit from your rearview mirror.  If you can't find 
parking in our little lot, you can always find parking places 
on the other side of Yale.  To get there go back to the traffic 
circle, take the west exit and then your first left into the parking lot.

See also the PandA Events Calendar Center for Astrophysics Research and Technologies Seminar Series.  
Talks listed here with titles still TBD may not yet appear in the
PandA calendar.

Snack Schedule:

Jan 19  Greg Taylor  
Jan 26  Karishma Bansal
Feb 2   Chris DiLullo
Feb 9   Jayce Dowell
Feb 16  Brandon Medina
Feb 23  Savin Varghese
Mar 2   Joe Malins
Mar 9   Peter Sinclair
Mar 16  Spring break
Mar 23  Michael Stroh
Mar 30  No talk scheduled
Apr 6   Megan Lewis
Apr 13  Monica Sanchez
Apr 20  Mark Gorski
Apr 27  Timothy Braun
May 4   John Dickel

Instructions: (1) Buy snacks in cash.  (2) Give receipts totaling less than
$20 to Greg, and get cash back. (3) Bring snacks to talk.