Hélène R. Dickel

Adjunct Professor of Physics & Astronomy, University of New Mexico

     Hélène Dickel - by poster at IAU meeting                     John and Hélène Dickel in front of BIMA telescope

Emerita Research Professor of Astronomy, University of Illinois 
B.A. Mount Holyoke College 1959
Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1964 

Research Interests

My primary interest is in the physical conditions and evolution of dense cores of giant molecular clouds from which massive stars form and in the subsequent interactions of these newly-formed stars and attendant HII regions on the remaining molecular gas. Molecular emission from these regions is studied via radio observations coupled with a non-LTE, multi-level radiative transfer code. I am currently involved at U. NM in the development of the Long Wavelength Array.

IAU Sympsium 221 Poster July 2003, pdf file:     W49A North -- Global, Local, or No Collapse

Chicago AAS Poster June 1999, postscript file:    W 49 A North: J=2-1 Lines of CS and C18O

Radiative Transfer Code - now available


Modeling Radiative Transfer in Molecular Clouds I. HCO+ in the 
Star-Forming Region W 49 A North. H. R. Dickel and L. H. Auer
Astrophys. J. 437, 222-238, 1994.

W 49 A North - Global, Local, or No Collapse",  
John A. Williams, Hélène R. Dickel, and Lawrence H. Auer,    
Astrophysical J. Suppl. 153  (August) 463-499, 2004
Reprint available as:
pdf file (size 528217)   or   postscript file (size 1565212; 42 pages, 27 figures)


Radiative Transfer Notes             this document describes how to run the code and includes examples   (postscript file)

Radiative Transfer Figures         = output from sample runs   (postscript file)

List of Directories/Files             that are in the "primer_dir" = contents of the rt_tar.gz file   (txt file)

rt_tar.gz                                       gzipped tar file (2.25 MB)

Professional Service Activities

Web Administrator (2006 -) for the The LWA - University of New Mexico's web page for The Longwavelength Array.

Scheduler for observations with the BIMA Array from 1994 through 1998 and compiler of BIMA Array
Statistics from 1994 to through 2000.
BIMA AIPS++ USERS GROUP during 2000-2001

Chair of the Working Group of Commission 5 of the International Astronomical Union, dealing with problems of astronomical designations
from August 1994 through July 2003. [New Chair is Marion Schmitz at IPAC.]

          Also view the following related topics:

Facts About Naming Stars        = a formal statement from the IAU

Chair of the SOC for the Multi-Commission Meeting on Designations of Stellar Companions which was held 11 August 2000 at the IAU General Assembly in Manchester, UK. The resulting C-type IAU resolution and the follow up by the WDS may be found at New WDS Designation Scheme     = WMC (Washington Multiplicity Catalog)

Member of the Scientific Organizing Committee of IAU Commission 40 on Radio Astronomy and Commission 5 on Documentation and Astronomical Data

Education Interests and Public Service

Speaker for
American Astronomical Society (- retired 2007 from Shapley Visiting Lecturer)
American Chemical Society       (- retired 2008 from Tour Speaker)
American Physical Society
Philanthropic Educational Organization, Chapter V in Albuquerque NM (2008)
Society of Physics Students
Sigma Xi
Faculty Friends Program at the University of Illinois
From 1989 to 2005, John and Hélène Dickel were Faculty Friends of the undergraduates living in residence halls at the University of Illinois and since 1994 they were Faculty Friends for Snyder hall. This included twice monthly dinners, participating in hall activities such as Dial-a-Carol program, and going canoeing, skating, having pizza parties, attending sporting and cultural events with the students.
Host and Mentor for January Term Career Interns in Astronomy
From 1974 to 1991 John and Hélène Dickel hosted and supervised visiting undergraduate students from Mt. Holyoke College, Wheaton College, Oberlin College, and Carroll College during their January short term. [This preceded the current NSF program of Research Experiences for Undergraduates.]

Retirement interests

Long Wavelength Array project     (as Adjunct Professor at UNM)

International Astronomical Union     (as Member of Commissions and Working Groups)

Ice Dancing     (photos)

Info ré Talks

Titles and Abstracts of Talks

List of Interstellar Molecules   (pdf file) Remijan & Hollis 2010

Brief Biography

Click here for a complete vitae and publication list for the last ~20 years. (pdf file)

Representative Publications:

W 49 A North - Global, Local, or No Collapse, John A. Williams, Hélène R. Dickel, and Lawrence H. Auer, ApJS 153, 463-499, 2004. BIMA Array Detections of HCN in Comets LINEAR (C/2002 T7) and NEAT (C/2001 Q4) D. N. Friedal et al., ApJ 630, 623-630, 2005. "The Long Wavelength Array (LWA): A Multi-Disciplinary Educational Opportunity", 26th meeting of the IAU, Joint Discussion 12, 21 August 2006, Prague, Czech Republic, JD12, Poster Paper/Abstract #59 IAU JD..12E..59, 2006 Dickel, H. R.; Pihistrom, Y. M.; Gaussiran, T. L.; Henning, P. A.; Kerkhoff, A.; Junor, W.; Kassim, N. E.; Taylor, G. B. "From Confusion to Clarity" series, Special to IAU Daily Newspaper "Nuncius Sidereus" (XXVI IAU General Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic) 2006 H. Dickel[WG on Designations]

For further information or comments please contact h-dickel@phys.unm.edu