Low Frequency Software Workshop
Registered participants

Name Affiliation Title of talk
James Anderson MPIfR LOFAR Calibration of the Ionosphere and Other Fun Things
Don Backer UC Berkeley PAPER: Project Update
Tony Beasley
Judd Bowman Caltech MWA off-line foreground subtraction and processing
EDGES: Project Update
Sanjay Bhatnagar NRAO Imaging and calibration algorithms research using CASA
Ger de Bruyn ASTRON LOFAR: Project Update (TBC)
Aaron Cohen NRL The VLSS
Steve Ellingson Virginia Tech ETA Data Processing
ETA: Project Update
Stewart Gleadow University of Melbourne
Lincoln Greenhill CfA MWA: Project Update
Athol Kemball University of Illinois
Masaya Kuniyoshi UNM Simulations for the Long Wavelength Array
Joe Lazio NRL
Colin Lonsdale MIT Haystack
Daniel Mitchell CfA MWA Real-time system
Steve Ord CfA MWA Survey Imaging
Aaron Parsons UC Berkeley AIPY: Astronomical Interferometry in Python
Ylva Pihlström UNM LWA: Project Update
Urvashi Rau NMT/NRAO
Alan Rogers MIT Haystack Systematic errors and Artifacts in spectrometers
Subhashis Roy NCRA GMRT low frequency data processing
Maxim Voronkov ATNF Current status of the ASKAP synthesis software
Randall Wayth CfA The MAPS Simulator
Chris Williams MIT
Sarod Yatawatta ASTRON Beam modeling with MeqTrees

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