Low Frequency Software Workshop
Chicago August 10, 2008

This is intended to be a small and informal workshop to discuss, and share, specific techniques and algorithms relevant to low frequency data processing and simulation. In particular we are addressing issues specific to the low frequency arrays that currently are being realized (such as ETA, LOFAR, LWA, MWA and PAPER). We also hope to develop collaborations across the different groups.

Examples of questions to be addressed:
  • What is the status of the simulation and data processing software?
  • Where are the largest computing challenges and how do we meet them?
  • What is the software availability?
  • What calibration and analysis tools are we missing that will be needed in the future?
  • What archiving tools will be needed?

    Workshop schedule
    1. Short updates on project status
    2. Array simulators
    3. Real-time calibration and imaging algorithms
    4. Off-line calibration and imaging algorithms
    Download full schedule in pdf format: schedule.

    The workshop will be held Sunday August 10, in Acapulco Room, West Tower, Gold Level at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel (same location as the URSI meeting).

    To register, send an email to Ylva Pihlström, with your name, host instituition and the title of your talk.
    Please register before July 21!
    List of registered participants.

    Organizing Committee:
    Daniel Mitchell (CfA, dmitchell@cfa.harvard.edu)
    Ylva Pihlström (UNM, ylva@unm.edu)
    Randall Wayth (CfA, rwayth@cfa.harvard.edu)

    Contact information:
    For more information, please contact Ylva Pihlström either by email or by phone (505-277 4492).

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