UNM Center for Astrophysics Research and Technologies Seminar 2020-21

Talks are 2pm on Thursdays unless otherwise *noted.  Lunch with the
speaker at a nearby restaurant will precede the talk.  The venue for 
the talks is room 190 in PandA (building 207 on
the central campus map), located at 800 Yale Blvd (see directions below).  

Fall 2020

Sep 24  Samantha Wallace (UNM) "Understanding Solar Wind Formation"
Oct 01  Chris DiLullo (UNM) "Searching for the 21 cm Cosmic Dawn Signal with the Long Wavelength Array"
Oct 08  Fall Break, no talk scheduled
Oct 22  No talk scheduled
Oct 29  Savin Varghese (UNM) "Monitoring the Low Frequency Radio Transient Sky with the Long Wavelength Array"
Nov 05  Brandon Medina (UNM) "Finding the Distances to BAaDE Sources"
Nov 12  Huib van Langevelende (JIVE) "VLBI of the Galactic centre; maser stars around the supermassive black hole"
Nov 19  Seth Bruzewski (UNM) "Classification of Unassociated Gamma-Ray Sources via Radio Spectral Index"
Nov 26  Thanksgiving Break, to talk scheduled
Dec 03  Pratik Kumar (UNM) "Pulsar Monitoring with the Long Wavelength Array"
Dec 10  Cancelled

Spring 2021

Jan 21
Jan 28 Tim Braun (UNM) "Lagging a Gaseous Halo with Nonthermal Radial Pressure Gradients"
Mar 04
Mar 11
Mar 20 Spring break
Mar 25 
Apr 01 Megan Lewis (UNM) "Probing the Galactic AGB population through infrared and SiO maser emission"
Apr 08 
Apr 15 Mallory Harris (UNM) "Searching for the coldest planet orbiting low-mass stars"
Apr 22 Kylar Greene (UNM) "The Problem with Late-time Solutions to the Hubble Tension"
Apr 29 Birendra Dhanasingham (UNM) "A new effective gravitational lensing approach to constrain dark matter"

Directions and Parking: if coming from I25 (either direction), exit at
Martin Luther King boulevard and go East (toward the mountains) past 
University, and then turn right on Redondo boulevard which runs around 
the campus.  After Redondo turns to the East you will see a big white building 
(PAIS) to the west of Popejoy Auditorium.  There are two parking spaces, 199 
and 200, directly south of PAIS that can be reserved.  You should have been
told which parking space to use.  No parking sticker or sign is needed. 
If both spots are filled then pay parking is available on Redondo or in the 
parking structure to the east of PAIS off of Redondo.

See also the PandA Events Calendar Center for Astrophysics Research and 
Technologies Seminar Series.  And for NRAO Friday colloquia see the
 NRAO Socorro schedule
Talks listed here with titles still TBD may not yet appear in the
PandA calendar.

Snack Schedule:

Someday when we can meet in person

Instructions: (1) Buy snacks in cash.  (2) Give receipts totaling less than
$20 to Greg, and get cash back. (3) Bring snacks to talk.