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LWA publications

43. Abbott, B.P., Abbott, R., et al.
2017, ApJL, 848, L12
Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger
42. Price, D.C., Greenhill, L.J., et al.
2017, MNRAS, submitted
Design and characterization of the Large-Aperture Experiment to Detect the Dark Ages (LEDA) radiometer systems
41. Malins, J.B., White, S., Taylor, G.B., Stovall, K., & Dowell, J. <\ /B>
2017, Radio Science, submitted
Modeling the Ionosphere with GPS and Rotation Measure Observations
40. Cranmer, M.D. et al.
2017, JAI, 650007
Bifrost: a Python/C++ Framework for High-Throughput Stream Processing in Astronomy
39. Krishnakumar, M.A., Joshi, B.C. & Manoharan, P.K.
2017, ApJ, 846, 104
Multi-frequency scatter broadening evolution of pulsars - I
38. Swiggum, J.K., Kaplan, D.L., McLaughlin, M. et al.
2017, ApJ, 847, 25
A Multi-Wavelength Study of Nearby Millisecond Pulsar PSR J1400-1431: Improved Astrometry and an Optical Detection of its Cool White Dwarf Companion
37. Tsai, J., Simonetti, J.H., & Kavic, M.
2017, PASP, 129, 024301
Analysis of Scattering from Archival Pulsar Data using a CLEAN-based Method
36. Ferguson, D., White, S., Rast, R., Balasubramaniam, K., Thompson, D., Suszcynsky, D., & Holeman, E.
2017, JSR, 54, 566
Ground-Based Surveillance Campaign to Detect Global Positioning System Arcing: First Preliminary Results
35. Helmboldt, J.F., & Taylor, G.B.
2017, ESS, submitted
All-sky tracking of sporadic-E field-aligned irregularities as a novel probe of thermospheric winds
34. Helmboldt, J.F.
2016, Ann Geophys, 34, 529
A multi-platform investigation of midlatitude sporadic E and its ties to E–F coupling and meteor activity
33. Mereghetti, S., et al.
2016, ApJ, 831, 21
A deep campaign to characterize the synchronous radio/X-ray mode switching of PSR B0943+10
32. Obengerger, K.S., Holmes, J.M., Dowell, J.D., Schinzel, F.K., Sutton, E.K., & Taylor, G.B.
2016, GRL, 43, 8885
Altitudinal Dependence of Meteor Radio Afterglows Measured via optical meteor counterparts
31. Imai, M., Lecacheux, A., Clarke, T.E., Higgins, C.A., Panchenko, M., Dowell, J., Imai, K., Brazhenko, A.I., Frantsuzenko, A.V., & Konovalenko, A.A.
2016, ApJ, 826, 176
Beaming structures of Jupiter's decametric common S-bursts observed from LWA1, NDA, and URAN2 radio telescopes
30. Taylor, G.B., Stovall, K., McCrackan, M., McLaughlin, M.A., Miller, R., Karako-Argaman, C., Dowell, J. & Schinzel, F.K.
2016, ApJ, 831, 140
Observations of Rotating Radio Transients with the First Station of the Long Wavelength Array
29. Dowell, J., Taylor, G.B., Schinzel, F.K., & Kassim, N.E.
2017, MNRAS, 469, 4537
The LWA1 Low Frequency Sky Survey
28. Howard, T.A., Stovall, K., Dowell, J., Taylor, G.B., & White, S.M.
2016, ApJ, 831, 208
Measuring the magnetic field of coronal mass ejections near the Sun using pulsars
27. Helmboldt, J.F., & Taylor, G.B.
2016, GRL, submitted
Direct observations of the connection between meteor activity and mid-latitude sporadic-E
26. Beardsley, A.P., Thyagarajan, N., Bowman, J.D., & Morales, M.F.
2017, MNRAS, 470, 4720
An Efficient Feedback Calibration Algorithm for Direct Imaging Radio Telescopes
25. Eftekhari, T., Stovall, K., Dowell, J., Schinzel, F.K., & Taylor, G.B.
2016, ApJ, 829, 62
A Low Frequency Survey of Giant Pulses from the Crab Pulsar
24. Obengerger, K.S., Dowell, J., Hancock, P.J., Holmes, J.M., Pedersen, T.R., Schinzel, F.K., & Taylor, G.B.
2016, JGR, 121 ,6808
Rates, Flux Densities, and Spectral Indices of Meteor Radio Afterglows
23. Helmboldt, J.F., Kassim, N.E., & Teare, S.W.
2015, Earth and Space Science, 2
Observations of the ionospheric impact of M-class solar flares on local and hemispheric scales
22. Ferguson, D., Crabtree, P., White, S., & Vayner, B.
2016, Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, 53, 464
Anomalous GPS Power Degredation and Arc-Induced Contamination
21. Tsai, et al.
2016, AJ, 151, 65
Simultaneous Observations of Giant Pulses from Pulsar PSR B0031-07 at 38 MHz and 74 MHz
20. Tsai, et al.
2015, AJ, 149, 65
Observations of Giant Pulses from Pulsar PSR B0950+08 using LWA1
19. Yancey, C., Bear, B., Akukwe, B., Dowell, J., Gough, J., Kanner, J., Obenberger, K., Shawhan, P., Simonnetti, J., Taylor, G.B., Tsai, J-W., & Kavic, M.
2015, ApJ, 812, 168
Multi-messenger astronomy of gravitational-wave sources with flexible wide-area radio transient surveys
18. Tun, S.D., Cutchin, S., & White, S.
2015, Solar Physics, 290, 2423
A New Look at Type III Bursts and their Use as Coronal Diagnostics
17. Obengerger, K.S., Lin, C.S., Dowell, J., Schinzel, F.K., & Stovall, K.
2015, JGR Space Physics, 120, 9916
Dynamic Radio Spectra from two Fireballs
16. Kocz, J., Greenhill, L.J., Barsdell, B.R., Price, D., Bernardi, G., Bourke, S., Clark, M.A., Craig, J., Dexter, M., Dowell, J., Eftekhari, T., Ellingson, S., Hallinan, G., Hartman, J., Jameson, A., MacMahon, D., Taylor, G.B., Schinzel, F., & Werthimer, D.
2014, JAI, 450003
Digital Signal Processing using Stream High Performance Computing: A 512-input Broadband Correlator for Radio Astronomy
15. Stovall, K., Ray, P.S., Blythe, J., Dowell, J., Eftekhari, T., Garc\ ia, A., Lazio, T.J.W., McCrackan, M., Schinzel, F.K., & Taylor, G.B..
2014, ApJ, 808, 156
Pulsar Observations Using the First Station of the Long Wavelength array and the LWA Pulsar Data Archive
14. Obenberger, K.S., Taylor, G.B., Hartman, J.M., Clarke, T.E., Dowell, J., Dubois, A., Dubois, D., Henning, P.A., Lazio, J., Michalak, S., & Schinzel, F.K.
2015, JAI, 4, 450004
Monitoring the Sky with the Prototype All-Sky Imager on the LWA1
13. Clarke, T.E., Higgins, C., Skarda, J., Imai, K., Imai, M., Reyes, F., Thieman, J., Jaeger, T., Schmitt, H., Dalal, N.P., Dowell, J., Ellingson, S.W., Hicks, B., Schinzel, F.K, & Taylor, G.B.
2014, JGR, 119, 9508
Probing Jovian Decametric Emission with the Long Wavelength Array Station 1
12. Obenberger, K.S., Taylor, G.B., Hartman, J.M., Dowell, J., Ellingson, S.W., Helmboldt, J.F., Henning, P.A., Kavic, M., Schinzel, F.K, Simonetti, J.H., Stovall, K.\ & Wilson, T.L.
2014, ApJL, 788, L26
Detection of Radio Emission from Fireballs
11. Tsai, J., Simonetti, J., Akukwe, B., Bear, B., Cutchin, S., Dowell, J., Gough, J., Kanner, J., Kassim, N., Schinzel, F., Shawhan, P., Taylor, G.B., Yancey, C., Quezada, L., & Kavic, M.
2015, AJ, 149, 65
Observations of Giant Pulses from Pulsar B0950+08 using LWA1
10. Obenberger, K.S., Hartman, J.M., Taylor, G.B., Craig., J., Dowell, J., Helmboldt, J.F., Henning, P.A., Schinzel, F.K, & Wilson, T.L.
2014, ApJ, 785, 27
Limits on GRB Prompt Radio Emission Using the LWA1
9. Kocz, J., Greenhill, L.J., Bernardi, G., Jameson, A., Barsdell, B.R., Craig, J., Taylor, G.B., Schinzel, F., & Wertheimer, D.
2014, JAI, 3, 50002
A Scalable Hybrid FPGA/GPU FX Correlator
8. Dowell, J., Ray, P.S., Taylor, G.B., Blythe, J.N., Clarke, T., Craig, J., Ellingson, S.W., Helmboldt, J.F., Henning, P.A., Lazio, J., Schinzel, F., Stovall, K., & Wolfe, C.N.
2013, ApJL, 775, L28
Detection and Flux Density Measurements of the Millisecond Pulsar J2145−0750 below 100 MHz
7. Helmboldt, J.F., Ellingson, S.W., Taylor, G.B., Wilson, T.L., \& Wolfe, C.N.
2014, Radio Science, 49, 3
All-sky imaging of meteor trails at 55.25 MHz with the first station of the Long Wavelength Array
6. Ellingson, S.W., Clarke, T.E., Craig, J., Hicks, B.C., Lazio, T.J.\ W., Taylor, G.B., Wilson, T.L., & Wolfe, C.N.
2013, ApJ, 768, 136
Observations of Crab Giant Pulses in 20-84 MHz using the LWA1
5. Helmboldt, J.F., Clarke, T.E., Craig, J., Ellingson, S.W., Hartman, J.M., Hicks, B.C., Kassim, N.E., Taylor, G.B., \& Wolfe, C.N.
2013, Radio Science, 48, 491
Passive over-the-horizon radar with WWV and the first station of the Long Wavelength Array
4. Hicks, B.~C., Paravastu-Dalal, N., Stewart, K.~P., et al.
2012, PASP, 124, 1090
A Wide-Band, Active Antenna System for Long Wavelength Radio Astronomy
3. Ellingson, S.W., Taylor, G.B., Craig, J., Hartman, J., Dowell, J., Wolfe, C.N., Clarke, T.E., Hicks, B.C., Kassim, N.E., Ray, P.S., Rickard, L.J., Schinzel, F.K., & Weiler, K.W.
2013, IEEE Transacations on Antennas and Propagation, 61, 2540
The LWA1 Radio Telescope
2. Dowell, J., Wood, D., Stovall, K., Ray, P., & Taylor, G.B.
2012, JAI, 1, 50006, astro-ph/1209.1576
The Long Wavelength Array Software Library
1. Taylor, G.B., Ellingson, S.W., Kassim, N.E., Craig, J., Dowell, J., Wolfe, C.N., Hartman, J. et al.
2012, JAI, 1, 50004, astro-ph/1206.6733
First Light for the First Station of the Long Wavelength Array

Presentations at the 225th AAS January 2015 in Seattle

11. Hoffman, I.M.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #141.10
Search for 54-MHz Maser Emission from Interstellar Hydroxyl Using the Long Wavelength Array
10. Dowell, J., & Taylor, G.B.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #113.06
The LWA1 Low Frequency Sky Survey
9. Obenberger, K.S.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #336.33
Monitoring the Low Frequency Sky with the LWA1 and the Prototype All-Sky Imager
8. Schinzel, F., Polisensky, E., Dowell, J., & Taylor, G.B.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #337.02
Flux density calibration of compact low frequency aperture arrays
7. Murray, J., Jenet, F., et al.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #337.13
Progress on the Low Frequency All Sky Monitor
6. Eftekhari, T., Taylor, G.B., & Stovall, K.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #346.08
A Low Frequency Survey of Giant Pulses from the Crab Pulsar
5. Kassim, N. et al.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #311.05
The Low Band Observatory (LOBO): Expanding the VLA Low Frequency Commensal System for Continuous, Broad-band, sub-GHz Observations
4. Hallinan, G., Bourke, S., Anderson, M., Eastwood, M., Monroe, R., Greenhill, L.J., Taylor, G.B., Lazio, J., & Weinreb, S.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #328.01
Monitoring All the Sky All the Time with the Owens Valley Long Wavelength Array
3. Greenhill, L.J.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #403.07
Constraining the Thermal State of the IGM at z~20
2. McCrackan, M., Millers, R.B., Stovall, K., McLaughlin, M. & Taylor, G.B.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #421.05
Low Frequency Study of Rotating Radio Transients
1. Taylor, G.B., et al.
2015, AAS Meeting #225, #421.06
Observing Rats, Giants, and Ghosts below 100 MHz with the LWA

Presentations at the 223rd AAS January 2014 in DC

15. Schinzel, F., Cutchin, S.E., Polisensky, E., Helmboldt, J.F., Dowell, J., et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #148.22
Monitoring of Cyg A and Cas A flux densities below 100 MHz
14. Akukwe, B., Gough, J., Cutchin, S.E., et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #153.12
A Search for Fast Radio Transients with LWA-1
13. Tsai, J.-W., Simonetti, J.H., Kavic, M. et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #153.19
Observations of Giant Pulses from Pulsar B0950+08 using LWA1
12. Papadopoulos, J., Gough, J., Cutchin, S., Kavic, M. et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #155.29
Constraints on Inspiralling Binaries from First LWA Data
11. Obenberger, K.S., Hartman, J.M., Taylor, G.B. et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #311.03
Limits on GRB Prompt Radio Emission Using the LWA1
10. Stovall, K., Demorest, P., Dowell, J., Ray, P.S., Schinzel, F., &Taylor, G.B.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #140.01
Pulsar Observations Using the First Station of the Long Wavelength Array
9. Miller, R.B., & McLaughlin, M.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #140.02
Observations of Rotating Radio Transients Using the Long Wavelength Array
8. Taylor, G.B., & Dowell, J.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #140.03
Detection of Pulsed Emission from the Millisecond Pulsar PSR J2145-0750 Below 100 MHz
7. Clarke, T.E., Skarda, J., Higgins, C., et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #218.02
New Studies of Jovian Decametric Emission using the Long Wavelength Array Station 1
6. Higgins, C., Clarke, T.E., Skarda, J., Imai, K. et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #218.03
Fine Structure in Jupiter’s Decametric Emission using the Long Wavelength Array Station 1
5. Cutchin, S.E., Hyman, S.D., Kassim, N.E., & Lazio, J.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #346.24
A pilot study to monitor the Galactic Center for radio transients with the First Station of the Long Wavelength Array
4. Kavic, M., Yancey, C., Shawhan, P.S., et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #211.02
Coincidently Searching for Gravitational Waves and Low Frequency Radio Transients
3. Murray, J., Jenet, F., Craig, J. et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #148.12
Progress on the Low Frequency All Sky Monitor
2. Dartez, L., Jenet, F., Creighton, T.D., et al.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #148.11
LoFASM’s FPGA-based Digital Acquisition System
1. Greenhill, L.J.
2014, AAS Meeting #223, #102.03
In Pursuit of the Thermal State of the IGM at Redshift 20: Radio Foreground Characterization


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