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Instructor:  Prof. Mansoor Sheik-Bahae                             

Office:  Physics & Astronomy Rm. 1109 (North Wing)   

Phone: 277-2080    

To see me in my office, please make an appointment (call or email).


Class meeting times: Mondays, Wedensdays  17:30- 18:45 am;   Physics and Astronomy, Room 184


Textbook: Laser Electronics   By  Joseph T. Verdeyen


Reference Textbooks:  

Optical Electronics in Modern Communications by  Amnon Yariv,   

Lasers by A. E. Siegman,  Laser Fundamentals by William Silfvast


Pre-requisites:  E&M, Undergraduate  Physics, Modern Physics, Knowledge of Differential Equations, Linear & Complex Algebra.


Teaching Assistant: Behnam Abaie    


 Assignments: Homework problem sets will be assigned on a regular basis throughout the semester, most likely one set per week. Click here to go to the assignments page.


Tests:   There will be two exams:  One Midterm and the Final  Exam.  


Tentative Test Date (subject to change):      Midterm: Wed. Oct. 15    Final: TBA,  5:307:30 p.m.  Check the UNM's Office of Registrar for possible changes in the Final exam schedule.


Grading:   The final grade is weighted as follows:
Midterm: 35%
Final: 50%
Homework: 15%




Laser Lab Tour: E-mail me if intersted



"LASERS: solution looking for a problem"  The Movie



Past Exams

Midterm (2001), (2006), (2010), (2012),

Final (2001)

Final (2003)


Fianl Formula Sheet    






Download OSLO-EDU


 Modelocking Tutorial








 Power Point Lectures

Brief History of Lasers


Specific Lasers  (pdf)


Semiconductor Lasers (pdf) 

1- Introduction  (historical overview)           [1 lecture]

2- Review of E&M theory (Chapter 1)           [2 lectures]    

3-Ray tracing (ABCD matrix method) (Chapter 2)  [3 lectures]    

4-Gaussian Beams (Chapter 3)                     [4 lectures]    

5-Optical Cavities (Chapter 5 & 6)         [2 lectures]    

6-Gain Medium (field-atom interaction) (Chapter 7)  [5 lectures]    

7- Laser Oscillation (Chapter 8)     [4 lectures]    

8- General Laser Characteristics (Chapter 9)  [6 lectures]    

9- Various Laser Systems (Parts of Chapters 10 & 11)  [3 lectures]